Thank you to the companies below who have been instrumental in my journey as a professional triathlete.


I first wore a Kiwami race suit in 2011 at the World Military Triathlon Championships.  I immediately noticed the high quality & durability of the suit.  Kiwami uses water repellent, lightweight, breathable materials to help triathletes race more efficiently, comfortably, & faster!  USE CODE “KATHYR” DURING CHECKOUT FOR A 10% DISCOUNT.

The Beistegui brothers (Beistegui Hermanos) founded BH Bikes in Spain more than 100 years ago.  BH remains dedicated to constant innovation.  Their frames are among the lightest and most efficient in the world. 

KATHY’S TT BIKE: Aerolight


After watching this video and this video, I could not help but continue learning about each of the First Endurance products.  I was totally impressed!  I knew that in order to maximize my body’s performance, I needed to commit to using their entire line.  That is exactly what I have done, and I couldn’t be happier with this decision!

Click HERE for Kathy’s Race Nutrition Plan

XTERRA Wetsuits caught my attention after using their Speedsuit for many years.  Their products are designed with four key components in mind: comfort, speed, buoyancy, and value.  Not only do they have great products, their enthusiastic support of military athletes made me want to work with them even more!

KATHY’S WETSUIT: Vendetta Fullsuit Wetsuit

Dr. Nick Milnor of 4extreme Health is San Antonio’s premier sports injury problem solver and maximizer of human body performance for endurance athletes.  When I moved from Boulder, I had concerns about being able to stay injury free while continuing to train as a professional triathlete.  Thankfully, Dr. Milnor has been able to pick up where I left off in Boulder, without any issue.